Global / SFC Valve


Proud to be the industry leader in the manufacturing, assembly, testing, and inventory of U.S. Navy standard valves and components.

UNREP - Underway Replenishment Systems

Adapters, cargo bags, bridles, caps, clamps, hose couplings, fittings, hose assemblies, plugs, and flow through saddles.

SNVY - Navy Standard Valves

Trusted, dependable, and high-quality U.S. Navy valves and services for the United States Navy and Naval Shipyards throughout the country.

Quality Systems

Advanced quality systems capabilities including Per MIL-I-45208A, Level 1/Subsafe and Nuclear, and ISO 9001:2015

Cyber Security

NIST-800-171 Compliance as outlined in DFARS 252.204-7012

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